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Installation of clamp type check valve

The clamp type check valve is composed of a valve body, a valve flap, a valve stem and a spring, and the clamp type check valve is a clamp connection. On the clip type check valve, the valve flap closure stroke is short, and there is a spring loaded, can reduce the occurrence of water hammer phenomenon. The clamp type check valve is mainly used for municipal, industrial and high-rise building water supply, drainage pipe line, it is not as long as the length of the other check valve length, and therefore easy to install.

1, the clip type check valve through the position and the flow of fluid differences.

2, the device is in the vertical pipeline. With regard to the extent of the use of the pipeline, vertical hold on the clip type check valve.

3, the use of the clip in swirling tube check valve and butterfly valve, the valve will not be indirectly connected.

4, in the scope of the valve plate operating radius of the clip type check valve to prevent the blockage in the pipeline.


5, or in front of a reducing device behind the wafer type check valve tube.

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