Double Eccentric DN100 - DN2000 1.6 MPa Flanged Butterfly Valve




Detailed Product Description
 Product Introduction:
The Rubber-seat Double eccentric Flange Butterfly valve,can be used for water supply and draniage systems in the industries of problem processing,chemicals,water works,Power generating factory,mill plant,paper-making and water source projects,especially suitable for use as anideal equipment for throttling or shutting off flow in water pipelines.
 1. Compact in construction,easy to install and maintain
2. The double eccentric structure reduces friction of the sealing ring,providing the valve a long service life.
3. Bubble-tight sealing with no leakage under testing pressure.
4. Replacing materials of the disc sealing ring,”O”ring,and disc,the valve can be used for various medium and tempreture.
 DIN PN10/16;  BS4504 PN10/16

Double Eccentric DN100 - DN2000 1.6 MPa Flanged Butterfly Valve
Double Flanged Butterfly Valves With Disc Double Eccentric With Resilient Seat Conform to BS EN593 (BS5155)


Nominal pressure (MPa) 1.6  
Testing Pressure Body shell 2.4  
Seal 1.76  
Working pressure (MPa) 1.6  
Suitable temperature (°C) ≤80
Suitable Medium Water


Technical and requirement
  1. Design, manufacture are according to standard of BSEN593-98〔Butterfly Valves For Waterworks Purpose〕.
  2. The flange of the butterfly valve is according to PN1.6 Mpa flange of BSEN1092-2 for internal ductile iron flanges.
  3. Inspection is according to standard PrEN12266-3.(No Visible Leakage).
  4. The valves for PN1.0 MPa and PN2.5 MPa are also can be designed and manufactured.








Material Specification:


Name of part


BS Designation

  Coating (350 microns) Epoxy Resin or   Epoxy fusion bonded    
18 Bolt Carbon Steel/S.S. BS970 316S13 or 304S15
17 Connecting Plate SG(Ductile) Iron BSEN1563 EN-JS1050
16 Handwheel SG(Ductile) Iron BSEN1563 EN-JS1050
15 Gearing Box SG(Ductile) Iron BSEN1563 EN-JS1050
14 Shaft (1) Stainless Steel BS970 Gr431S29
13 Packing Box Copper-tin-lead alloys BSEN1982 CuSn5Zn5Pb5
12 O-Ring EPDM BSEN681 IRHD66-75
11 Body Sealing Ring Stainless Steel BS970 316S13 or 304S15
10 Rubber Sealing EPDM BSEN681 IRHD66-75
9 Retaining Ring Stainless Steel BS970 316S13 or 304S15
8 Obturator SG(Ductile) Iron BSEN1563 EN-JS1050
7 Obturator Pin Stainless Steel BS970 Gr431S29
6 Shaft (1) Stainless Steel BS970 Gr431S29
5 Body SG(Ductile) Iron BSEN1563 EN-JS1050
4 Shaft bushes Du Bushes Self Lubricating Bushes
3 O Ring EPDM BSEN681 IRHD66-75
2 .Cover SG (Ductile)Iron BSEN1563 EN-JS1050
1 Bolt Carbon Steel/S.S. BS4190 (Hot dipped galvd)

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