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1 conditions

The provisions of this chapter of the valve manufacturing quality control requirements, the buyer shall, according to the provisions of annex B NDE special requirements.

2 measuring and test equipment

General 2.1

Used for testing, test (or valve testing), should according to the material equipment manufacturer prescribed time intervals marks, control and calibration.

Measurement instruments. 2.2

The instrument used in measuring dimension, should according to the provisions of the method to control documents and calibration.

2.3.0 pressure measurement

2.3.1 type and accuracy

The valve test pressure measuring gauges or pressure sensor is full range, its accuracy should be within ± 2.0%.

2.3.2 measurement range

Measuring pressure measuring pressure measurement shall be in the range between 25 and 75%.

2.3.3 calibration procedures

Pressure measuring instruments shall be in full range 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% position, regular use standard pressure measurement device or farmar test device for calibration.

2.4 temperature measurement

If needed, temperature measurement can be displayed or logged three degrees Celsius (5 degrees f).

3 valve inspection and testing personnel qualification

3.1 NDE personnel

NDE engineers at least ASNT shall obtain SNT - TC - 1A Ⅱ provisions or EN 473 level required qualifications.

Visual inspection personnel should press ASNT SNT - TC - 1A or EN 473 requirements, each within 12 months, a visual inspection.

3.2 welding inspector

The welding operation and welding products, the visual inspection personnel shall obtain the AWS QC1, or equivalent, or factory written training outline the required qualifications and proved.

4 repair welding NDE

In defect removal later start repairing before welding, dug surface applied magnetic powder (MT) or liquid penetrant testing (PT) method of detection.

The pressure on repair welding applications of MT or PT testing method, the acceptance criteria shall conform to the provisions of written documents.

If the buyer has a regulation, appendix B NDE additional requirement YuXiuLi welding shall apply

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